Something Euphoric About…

It’s sort of enchanting when they try to subtly get to know your body
They run their fingers or their lips over everything
Sometimes they come back to a spot to check if it’s really as you mentioned before, if that’s really how it feels
They get to know your bumps and curves and scars
How rough or soft your skin is in which places
Which parts protrude or cave in
Something euphoric in the sound of heavy breathing, and when the world disappears around you both
Anything you say is spoken in body language
Hands inching toward as some type of way to ask for permission
And no acknowledgment as a form of acceptance
Eye contanct that’s never uncomfortable
Somehow in the silence those gazes say everything you can’t at the moment
Feeling completely and undoubtedly safe and comfortable in their arms
And however you’re feeling, whatever you’re thinking, is shown on your face, in your eyes
There is no other thing on your mind, that is it
You’re in that moment and only that moment.


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