Venture into my crazy mind.


So I’ve been in a relationship with same guy for two years,  his name is Edward. Where to start. Edward and I met  at Beverly Park in Chicago when we twelve. I don’t think we really gave a damn about each other at the time. So Ed and his douche bag friends decided to give me the nik-name “Red headed cherry popping dick sucking cunt.” I never even said more than like five sentences to this kid. He was kind of a douchy jock. So we all (a group of a bunch of bad ass middle schoolers) hung out maybe 4 days, and then I went back to Southern Illinois. The years after that Edward would randomly talk to me on Myspace or Facebook, but it never went anywhere considering I lived 5 hours away. Then the summer of 2011 I went and visited my Mom in Evergreen Park (like five blocks from Chicago). I had posted it on Facebook and sure enough Edward kept trying to make plans to hang out.  I kept telling him I don’t make plans, so we never hung out until one day he called me and asked if we could hang out.  I was so bored so I said sure. He called when he was in front of my house so put my dogs on a leash and figured we could walk them. I walk out front and there is this tall buff guy wearing Hollister sweatpants  in the middle of freaking June (like a douche). We hung out a few times over that summer and started to like each other. Then school started. We just kind of faded apart. I started dating this asshole named Austin, and I don’t know what he was up to. Then in January of 2012 we started hanging out, and I mean all the time. Finally July 1, 2012 we made it official. After that there was no keeping us apart. Every day after school we would hang out until 8:30 and when the lights went out I was climbing out of my window just to run to his house and climb in his. Then November 2012 I moved into his house. These past few months we have hit some really rough patches, but somehow we never walked away. I am not sure how. Maybe our love is like a Nicholas Sparks novel. I mean why not.  I deserve a happy ending. I would love to share it with him. 


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