I’m standing next to you

I’m screaming out to you


Why can’t you answer?

Just one simple gesture


I don’t know why you’re crying

Why are you pacing around?


A nurse comes to you very sympathetic

I’m trying to pull you off the floor


You’re saying “she can’t be gone”

You just started a life with her


Who is “her”?

What is going on?


Finally it hits me

I’m gone


To much unhappiness I suppose

Trying to distract myself from reality


You walk to a room and I follow

I’m hooked to a machine just to keep me breathing


You’re holding my hand as you say goodbye

I can see that you’re trying your hardest not to cry


I wish I could be there to tell you that you don’t have to be strong

I want to lay your head on my chest while I play with your hair


You kiss my cheek as they pull the plug

You whisper in my ear one last time


“You were my best part of my life”

“I will forever be in love with you”


They tell you it’s time to go

You’re starting to shake from the shock


Finally you let go of my hand

You look back one time before you see my face one last time


I feel myself fading away

faster and faster then nothing


Darkness, I this all there is?

Missing the one you love?


I’m hoping this is all a horrible dream

Maybe I’ll wake up and I’ll be back into your arms


But that’s not how death works

When you’re gone it over and you’re just gone.


I’m gone.


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