To A Friend

Something I sent to a friend that I feel the need to share, if you’re in a toxic relationship and can’t find the strength to let go, please read:

“You can. There comes a point when you have to. For your own sake. You cannot keep doing this to yourself. What is it going to be like if you ever get married? (If he can even commit like that.) Nothing will change and he’ll most likely be worse. The toxicity can become addicting and the hurting becomes normality and that isn’t what love is. Love hurts, yeah. And it drives you crazy. And you go through hard times, but you work through it together. Not just ‘I want you back let’s never speak of this again unless you did something bad and I’ll make you feel like shit for it.’ Love doesn’t hold a fucking grudge, either. I don’t think he knows how to love you. You love people fiercely, especially when it comes to a relationship, and you need someone who will love you like that back. [He] may say and do some things that make you feel like he really does care, and maybe he truly does, but you need more than just SOME things SOME times. You need a love that doesn’t make you doubtful.”



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