It occurred to me
From the rise of your hypocrisy
That if you’re going to judge me for not believing what the churches teach
Then you better practice what you preach
And if you consider ending our friendship because of the fact
Then you should probably take a look at how you act
Because I don’t remember Jesus telling his disciples to fuck around
Or drive other people’s self esteem and opinions to the ground
Or talk about their life involving such profanity
So let’s talk about this insanity
And believe me, I’m not uneducated
Even even if the book is a bit outdated
From what I clearly recall, there are a few things that are shunned in the bible
But when it comes to doing those things, you’ve been quite liable
And you can act superior
But no matter what I do, what matters is your interior
And if only “God can judge me”
Then who the hell are you supposed to be.

Funny how I’ve been called the hypocrite
But your name seems to be a synonym of it.



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