Love Never Made Sense To Me

And I want someone
who loves me at all moments
Even if I’m being horrid
and even when I’m being lovely
To love me the same
yet in all sorts of ways
And to think of me
when he sees something beautiful
And to think of me
when he hears his favorite song
And to think of me
when he’s angry
At the most unexpected moments
I hope he misses me
And never believes me
when I say “I’m fine”
Or “I’m just tired”
because he knows I’m always tired
And to persist
when I won’t admit my issue
And to not say a word
when saying “I love you”
I don’t want it to ever make sense
but to be the only thing I understand
But I do ask of him to think of me
at sunrise
So I can think of him
at sunset



2 thoughts on “Love Never Made Sense To Me”

  1. wow. this is so beautiful. it makes my heart ache for some reason. very sweet. I love “and to think of me/ when he sees something beautiful.” and “because he knows I’m always tired.”

    1. Thank you so much:) I’m glad you like it. That truly means a lot to me. I just couldn’t think clearly until I posted this. Thank you for the feedback ❤

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