I’m worn down
By the people
I should care about
That I’ve never cared about
And missing someone
Who longs for something
They may never find
Their home
Whether it be place
Person or people
And I long for everything
Every place
Every person
I may never find
And I never want to have a home
Whether it be person
Or place
Or people
And I never
Want to make sense
And I long to be alone most times
But I can barely handle
Being lonely most days
Because once the sunsets
Or rises
Or the seasons change
My heart grows hollow
And I can’t seem to keep
A thing that fills it
Because I cannot mold it to the outline
If it does not fit
And I refuse to lessen myself
Just to complete the puzzle
If I were to need to expand
I would be happy to do so
Though it seems I have
And though it seems that’s what
Has made this more trouble
And though it seems I’ve lost
Any sense I’ve never made



3 thoughts on “Sense”

  1. Sounds like the perfect time to meditate and experience what your own thoughts sound, feel, smell like… I’m betting they are a wonderment all on their own, undiluted by the thoughts and dramas of others.

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