Nothingness….is a great teacher. You learn a lot from nothing. I learned I needed to let go of who I loved after feeling nothing with someone else. Life and its never ending paradoxes…And I guess there’s no right way to develop feelings. But the feeling of nothing feels completely wrong.

And we were like wind. In and out of each other’s lives. Changing what we thought was almost indestructible. Nothing is indestructable. Maybe it was supposed to be this way. Just to be let be. I feel like we knew this from the beginning. Two winds colliding only leads to destruction. Remember this.

I fucking love you; I’m not sure how. Maybe in many ways. And I know I always will. You taught me how to just… be. You taught me goddamn everything. Whether you realize it or not. Though I have a lot to learn. When it comes to life, I’m clueless. I like to think everyone is. You taught me about nothing. You taught me about everything.

I’ll never forget the wind. Always there, but never attainable.



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