Discomfort In Simplicity

Displeased with life and its mediocrity.  Fearing this is all there is and that I’ve made it more than it’s supposed to be. Afraid that my mind is too much for it all.  I’m bored. Tired. Not in the sense that things to do or getting sleep will fix. May be growing a little weary to the fact that there are some things you never may fully let go of. Kind of empty. But trying not to fill the space with whatever comes along.  Trying to fill the missing link with normality, unoriginality, casualty, for the moment.  Keeping everything so simple. But simple is not enough for me. Simple is the seat I sit on the edge of, waiting my turn for life, jumping at any hint of a shift. Discomfort in simplicity. Even my scattered thoughts are too incomplex.

~ Megan


One thought on “Discomfort In Simplicity”

  1. Calm. A calm mind contemplates the options and calculates the path to reward. A calm mind has focus. Focus is the tool of action. Action is the way to life experience.

    We swim in an ocean of stupid. Mediocrity is generic life trying not to die. There is no destination but that which we make for ourselves.

    If you wait on the beaten path, only mediocrity will find you. Make a new path and the ‘do-ers’ will find you. Make a new path and the sheep will follow you… for they stand around waiting for a new path.

    Don’t be a sheep…

    Make sense?

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