Sometimes People Make The Wrong Moves

I’m not one to think I am always right. When it comes to something of importance, I handle it by doing what I think is best at the moment. But I’ve realized that sometimes, people make the wrong moves. And “the sooner the better” doesn’t always apply. But though there may be such a thing as “it’s never too late,” there’s also something called “too soon.” I find it unfair to make someone wait until everything isn’t “too soon” for me anymore. As much as I’d want someone to hold on, there is so much they could be missing out on, you know? It seems easier for me to say there was nothing there than it would have be to say that there is, or may be, but I want time to figure it out. Giving them a glimpse of hope through uncertainty…only to end up feeling nothing.

Life doesn’t come with a manual.



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