A Metaphor

I didn’t fight too hard

I just took it too far

I guess, at some point, I overstepped a boundary

And just kept walking

You see, every day was trial and error

And then it just became

Error, error, error

It went from good to bad to great to nonexistent

And I still think about it everyday

Not as consistently

But I fear it may slip away

Not just from my memory but from my heart

Because I don’t want to depend on anything else to fill it

And I don’t think I can write mere excuses for poetry again

Just my scattered thoughts that never end

And my inconsistent rhyming I can’t pretend

That I don’t notice

You see, my disheveled rhyming is the metaphor I’m trying to express

For saying that life goes on, maybe not how it was before

But it goes on

And you adjust

And you’ll fail to make sense

You’ll probably fail a lot

And you try something new


I’m trying somethings new.




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