Scattered Thoughts of the Conscious Enigma

I hardly know what to do with what’s going on in my head
New experiences and situations I second guess again and again
And I can’t tell whether I’m stressed or sad or pissed or content with the fact that things are changing the way that they are
But I’m far from emotionally vacant
It seems as if all that I can do is pull everything  together and loosely wrap it all up with the word “enigma”
That is all that I am and all that I know and all that I prefer
Because, somehow, not knowing what is going to happen next seems to ease my mind
In milestones or simple steps or what’s in the moment
I wouldn’t want to know what’s around every corner, predictability is my idea of a waste of time
And it seems as if my mind moves faster than my conscience and I can only explain it by drawing your attention over to my seemingly recent lack of common sense
Though I have not nor ever been in consideration of an example of ignorant



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