Think About It

It’s such a crazy realization to me that our words are merely an expression of our thoughts, whether in the moment or things that we have buried amongst a sea of simple discoveries or headache inducing epiphanies.  And nothing outside of ourselves, aside from words we’ve heard that we’ve held within our memory.  To better understand the mind, we must listen to it.  What people say are their minds speaking.  Of course, not ever fully, but in its simplest sense.  That is why I feel that words mean something, and that every word spoken, meaningless to one or not, should try to be understood and taken into consideration.  The mind is such a complex, misunderstood thing.

The mind is our connection to our soul.  The mind connected to the soul, maybe that has even become one, is a fascinatingly dangerously powerful thing.

Think about it.




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