Love Is Madness

Is love when you can’t stand to be away from someone for an hour,

or when you miss them as soon as you turn your head away?

Is it when you can’t get enough of them,

when no matter what you do, how much of your bodies are touching,

you can’t help but want to be even closer?

Is it when you look into their eyes and see the world you want to live in

the place you want to reside for the rest of your life?

Or is it when the feeling of their chest gently move up and down and their heart beating so quietly

seem as the sweetest things on this earth?

Is it feeling ever so grateful for every second that you get to spend with them,

even if it is only for one second?

Is love allowing yourself to be torn apart and stitched back together by the one who did the tearing?

Is it all of these things compiled together?

Or is love just madness?

Love seems to be such a beautiful craved madness.




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