No Paradoxes Allowed

“No” burns in my mind like it was spelled out in kerosene and excited by a match

I never really thought that you could want someone and not want them at the same damn time

After every bullshit move that I pulled, the end result is what I had intended from the beginning

Funny how some of us never really mean what we think

I mean what I say but to a deeper extent than my deepest thoughts

So I guess that I never truly mean what comes out of my mouth

I turn people into characters and life into a reality show like nothing actually gets to them

Though I can’t help but be as compassionate as possible

With everything that I write lately, the word “paradoxes” wraps around my vision

The trouble is that I seem to be “allowed” to pull and push people away without being called out before it’s too late

It’s hard to interest me in other people’s thoughts; I know this

It takes a hell of a mystery of a mind to make my curiosity about your thoughts perk up

But damn if the closed mind isn’t a mystery in itself 

And I am a mystery to myself

And we are a mystery to me





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