This summer has had the highs and lows of an EKG of a heart experiencing an adrenaline rush

If a spark is what you’re waiting for, do you mind if I strike the match?

If you think that’ll make us explode, I’ll stand by the dynamite

You can call me crazy, but my brain doesn’t recognize extremities

All of our conversations are intelligent even when we’re clueless because small talk is a foreign language to us, and we’re not bilingual

Though we can be redundant

But I stopped playing music at sunrise because I’d rather hear the birds sing

I’m starting to make sure that I rid myself of impurities because I want to be able to say “I’m fine” and mean it

When people ask me why I’m interested in psychology, I can’t help but sum it up by saying “the mind is such a beautifully terrifyingly mysterious thing” and I feel like it’s the 8th sin to waste it

I remember a conversation that I had with someone which resulted in them calling me “intriguing”

Intriguing… that’s the biggest compliment I could ever receive and it still puts me at a loss for any other words besides “thank you”

And after explaining why I never reveal the name of the person that I’m in love with to anyone who wasn’t there to witness the story from the beginning, I was thanked

Not for opening up to them but for letting them be able to “witness something so beautiful”

I’ve gotten to meet many people that I’ll never forget, even if I never see them again

I experienced things that finally make my life something to ask about

Staying up past 2a.m. was on repeat like a broken record, and some nights I would’ve been content with smashing it

But it made me realize that some people only ask questions in their sleep

And that swype never lets me use he word “love” on the first try

And that treating everything as a lesson can get to my head sometimes

I feel like when you get to know me, I’m either one of the strangest people you’ll ever meet or one of the most interesting

I also came to the conclusion, after pondering whether people never change or if they are always changing, that people only change if they learn from what they’ve done



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