How Dare You Slip Me A White Flag

I hope that when you kiss me you won’t taste the cigarettes, but the words that I speak of you

They should taste sweeter and fresher than any mint flavor

I hope that when it’s cold, you won’t ask for a blanket

But let me get the chance to say that I’ve missed you, so that those words can shoot warmth through your body faster than the heat on high

And from the inside out, rather than the outside in

I’ll admit that I’ve pulled many shitty things and that my timing is impressively awful

But some of us need a smack in the face in order to wake up

I get so sick of everyone wanting me to hate them

Because I could break my knuckles from punching the walls around their heart and cut myself on the barbed wire at the top but I’d still just brush my hair out of my face and smile once I got a glimpse of the inside




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