Kids These Days

Do kids these days even have a childhood?

When we were young, we couldn’t wait to grow up, and now, we don’t know what the hell we were thinking

But we still let the street lights tell us when it was time to go home

And pretend that jungle gyms were castles

We kicked around in the mud and splashed around in puddles

We woke up early for morning cartoons and played on Paint on the computer

We called each other or showed up at someone’s house to ask if they would come outside to play

Our parents had to practically force us inside

But now, you can drive along the street and rarely see a child on the sidewalks unless their in a group full of kids in crop tops and high-waisted shorts or sagging pants with their phones fused to their hands

They don’t call teenagers “the big kids” because as far as they’re concerned, they’re on the same level

When I rode the bus once in my senior year of high school, if the kids actions weren’t enough, their words were nauseating, vulgar, they had no boundaries and I just sat in awe

I see them flipping cameras off and sneaking out windows

And I don’t recall even attempting that until the summer that I turned 16

And I just can’t help to be terrified at even entertaining the idea of having a child in this shit rid society





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