The people who smoke cigarettes for breakfast

Do you know what it’s like to smell like you wash your hands in tobacco?

Who chase tequila shots with a drag

Then throw  everything up just to fill up with more toxicities

And walk out like hovering their heads over a toilet bowl is a hobby

I hope you can’t taste the numbness on vodka stained lips

And sitting dazed in a shower of burning hot water feels like a paradise

Like everything outside is irrelevant

We don’t know why we do the things that we do

Playing with hearts is a control issue

I can go over all of my decisions but I couldn’t answer a damn question concerning my reasoning behind them

Using sedatives just to slow down our own overactive minds but still never understanding them

The gypsy inspired souls

You see, it’s hard, not wanting to be in one place for too long

So we settle for a little while, get bored, then push ourselves into somewhere temporary only to go back to where we came from, in the end, because we realize its unstable stability

Guess you could say that it’s exactly the same way that we treat people

The people who strive to impress, to shock, to have people question them, wonder about them

The ones with no comfort zone, and seek no understanding of “it’s gonna be alright”

What the fuck is “alright” to someone whose life led them to feel like these things are acceptable?

We’re not done being shameless.




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