Nothing is ever black and white, sweetie. If you take a closer look, it’s always grey. Always.

But sometimes you have to go either black or white. Yes or no. It’s just necessary to move forward.

And we hear a lot about black and white, but what about colors? Are those not the wonderful details of life?

Is he your blues and reds and is she your pinks and yellows?

Are they your greens and oranges?

And, goodness, what about your purples?

Do they stay inside the lines or are there even any lines?

Is it splatter painted or wildly stroked across the canvas of your soul?

Oh, darling, do you even notice their vibrancy and wonderment?

Do they leave behind their traces with colored hand prints or their signatures in calligraphy?

Tell me that the idea of this excites you as if you’re a small child again who is tugging on your parent’s arm like you’ve just found the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen



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