Rod Stewart Quote


One Question, Second Time Around

Eyes the color of a sea completely discolored by the dirt of the past

Must be why I can’t see through them…

Warming and illuminating but put out by the harsh lies that I blew at them so easily

Like the first exhale of cigarette smoke that he always wanted me to cut down on

My words were as cold as the early snowfall that would soon rush in

And those eyes didn’t realize that they melted me so easily

I;m the only one who can hold my face forward

But my hands are always icy

And I can’t help but want to ask him if he’ll be willing to walk up beside me once more and work to keep in my peripheral


Tending To The Flowers In My Mind

I went a while with feeling uninspired

One of my sporadic phases of not knowing what to write about and feeling like inspiration didn’t wrap around my words

But it came to me that I can go for hours of reading through quotes and be blown away and satisfied

Not because they inspired me, but because they say the things that I think but can’t put into words

I make my own revelations and grow flowers in my mind

But sometimes I don’t mind a helping hand in tending to them

And I realized that I guess that’s something to write about



I know that he’s bad for me but I will always imagine us together in beautiful places doing everything with passion

But those thoughts don’t make me ache like I ache for the one that I imagine doing the simple things with, because that’s all that he can handle

But it’d be more than enough for me as long as I was with him

I never thought that it would be like this because of the complicated mess that I am

Yet it seems that simple passion is all that I want and all that I regret ending


The Privileged Kids

I used to envy the privileged kids; the ones who had everything that they needed and then some

The kids who really couldn’t speak too many bad things about their childhood

But I have learned so much from my unfortunate one that envy isn’t even a serious thought

Because I know that if I wrote a novel about my hardships, it would be quoted by the broken ones who needed those words for an epiphany

And not to say that those privileged kids are any less interesting to the world

But sadly, they just have no appeal to a person like me