What Are You Doing?

If he makes his words sound like something straight out of a romance novel, don’t always read them over so quickly

Because the odds are that he’s used those lines plenty of times

And girl, don’t you want to read over unfamiliar words that take your breath away?

Be careful, especially, if they come out fluently

If they’re truly genuine, he’ll most likely trip over them and pause in between

His voice may shake and his eyes may wander and he may stumble over the simplest terms

If “I love you” doesn’t taste like the first time that he kissed you or make you feel like your little heart is going to break through your rib cage and fly away… it’s time to question yourself

If his eyes don’t look like water is about to break through a dam, be cautious

He should play songs that remind him of you at the most unplanned times

And when he kisses you, it should feel like he’s holding a million dollar vase in his hands when he holds your face

And sweetie, you should never in your life hold back how you feel because you’ll find out the truths of his words when he seems guilty for playing with your emotions or find that his eyes light up and his heart swells

If you are pressed up against someone and don’t still feel like you want to be even closer to them, what the hell are you doing?



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