I’ll Be Your Masterpiece

I make-believe strength

I play dress up in concepts that I’ve yet to grasp and drag my feet in shoes that I can’t seem to fill

I’ve lost the key to my mind and there’s no picking a lock into ideas

People are far too heavy to hold up all the time but if you would just hold my hand, we could lead each other instead of bringing anyone down

All I want is be woken up by the light of your eyes and the touch of your lips like unforgiving rays of sunshine warming my cheeks as I struggle to open my eyes that tell you “good morning” without me even having to utter a word

Just brush your sentences through my hair and dress me up in the idea of being with me for the rest of your life

I’ve lost my fear of falling; I’m too clumsy and eager for such a silly idea anyway

Just know that my gentle strokes along your body are never going to be placebos to make you feel love

And that “I love you” never comes out smoothly because it’s not something familiar to me, but I will whisper into your ear how I feel about you until you fall asleep as I try to fight the constant urge to kiss every part of you that comes near me

Pick me flowers and plant their seeds in every scar of mine

Color in my tattoos with the ways that I make you feel; see me as the masterpiece that I am

I am abstract and incomprehensible

Trace every one of my curves and scars with your eyes, your fingertips, your lips

Take them in with every possible inch of your body

Handle me with passion

Hold me with forgiveness

Speak to me with patience

Kiss me firmly and kiss me breathlessly

I want to know that your love is too boundless to stay in the lines



People Leave (Accept That)

People leave. Accept that.

I am not afraid of someone walking out of my life, nor am I afraid of walking out of someone’s

If that’s how it has to be, then that is how it’s going to be. It’s not out of lack of fight, but out of the fact that I refuse to beg to stay.Or be where I am not wanted.

In regards to someone that you fell in love with:

The pain will go away. You will come across someone who has something completely different to offer you. And I know that different is scary, but different is good. And honestly…..different is kinda the point.

Do not be stupid and waste your time that you could be healing and to go running back to the same person who will forever be outstanding at manipulating your relentless heart. It’s just how you and that person work together because of who you are and how your souls chose to relate. And by “work,” I don’t mean that positively, dear. It’s just a statement.

If you’re wondering about whether or not you should keep trying or let go…think about the way that they would handle it if the responsibility was in their hands and only their hands…..are they empty?

I regards to someone that you loved and lost from this earth:

The pain will always be there. But you can’t change a damn thing. It’s shitty, but I genuinely do believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe you’ll find out in a month from now. Maybe 30 years from now. Maybe you will never know.

No matter who and when and how, do not dwell.

Do not hold on to the past. All you can do is move forward and you are the only one who has any control over that.

Just some advice.