Two Brick Walls

We’re two brick walls with a shared foundation
More hard headed than any other couple that you’ll come across yet always standing by each other
He is a pair of love lit warm eyes that simultaneously transfer butterflies into my stomach and a coziness into my heart
He’s a set of soft lips that send an electric current straight to my emotions and throughout my whole body
He is the gentle touch that causes my soul to smile yet take my breath away

I am a pair of earth inspired eyes offering him a place to call home




Who Are You?

I am a backwards sentence

The torn out ending of a 500 page novel

A cigarette that was flicked too hard making the cherry fall out

I am the warmth in your tummy after your first sip of Fireball whiskey

I am the spot where you chipped the paint off of your wall but find that you like the color underneath better

I’m meeting an old friend for the first time in your life

I am denial; “I don’t love her…who am I kidding, I’m crazy about her”

I am a set of green eyes and a crooked spine

The stumble in the words waiting to be said for far too long

I’m an unanswered question asked 100 times

A smile at a stranger

The person that you always sit next to in a huge crowd of people you’ve never met but somehow feel comfortable with

I guess, most importantly, I’m myself


Wind Pt. 2 Ft. Redundancy

To whom it may concern:

I guess that I should’ve warned you about the wind

Always there but unattainable

But I guess that I just wanted things to be different this time; a place where I was free to be reckless; Free to just be

But I could never stay, and this could never work

And I’m not one to ever use a joke of a word like “never,” but never seems to be the most accurate description of when we could ever possibly stably be together

It’s not that I don’t want to tie you down or anything, but that fact is that I couldn’t even if I tried

And it’s the fact that I don’t want to take you with me; thrashing you around or spinning you around in circles like you’re on a wheel like a goddamn house pet

You’ve been through a lot, but you’re essence of a pure soul doesn’t have any business being dirtied by my unintentionally harsh ways

I will not let you become who I was

The only difference between you and I is that I don’t think you can take it

Your undiscovered innocence is a virtue, not a crime, and I refuse to convict you

Innocent until proven guilty, though

You’re trying to capture and lock away the feeling of a breeze into your mind and tornado into your poor confused heart and repave my path that I’ve left abandoned for a reason

You have no business with my chaotic ways

I’m already cruel enough when I conjure up a mask of water as to fool you into thinking I’m something so constant

You’re naive enough to undetectably break yourself down into sand just for me


I honestly cannot recall who this was written to/about, but I hope you’re still in one piece.