Gone In Sixty Seconds

Everyday is an array of all of my worst emotions
I can yell and cry my goddamn eyes out
But then a minute later I can’t breathe and I am a statue and I just start to fade
He’s on the way to school and he’s in my head
I lie awake at night, drifting off to the thought of him and I and him and someone else and I roll over to find him not lying in my bed
It’s 3a.m. and I start sobbing and 9a.m. and I just want his arms around me
3 in the afternoon and I can’t open my eyes while I’m on the road but I just want him out of my head
He’s in my head telling me not to go to class
I can’t shake it but I want to so bad
But I don’t want to forget a single moment
He is the smoke in my lungs andthe shake in my hands
And the reason why speeding up on a sharp curve makes more sense than two plus two
I want so badly to run up to him and scream, “I fucking love you”
But he tells us both that it’s for the best
And I can still feel what it was like to fall asleep with my head on his chest
And I can’t, I fucking can’t  accept that he was just another lesson
Over a year of my life gone in sixty seconds



Through the Broken Branches and Hidden Snake Holes

I’m the road less traveled by that people give up on because the beaten path ends
And they see me as a dead end
But if only they’d be willing to push past the branches and brave through the the thorns
Not every rose has its thorns
But through the broken branches and hidden snake holes is the place unable to comprehend yet to the open minded but unprepared
The place where you are safe to scream and make a fool of yourself
The place where the beauty hurts
Where love never had to be discovered but was already there
A crumbled wall surrounds the seemingly endless perimeter
Making stepping stones to higher places and understanding

~ Megan