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Change And Balance

It sort of bothers me when people get upset over someone “changing” (for the better) for someone else
Why are you upset over them finding someone worth bettering their life for?
They better their life because they care about that person
They dont care enough about themselves, so why change solely for themselves?
Sad, but true.
You may think the point is still ridiculous, but hear me out
It’s okay to change, everyone “changes”
Change is spectacular,  I support it and recommend it
Especially if it is for the better
So what if you’re party friend is starting to ditch the drugs and alcohol and spending a little more time home, safe, with her boyfriend?
Yeah, I admit that some people take it to another level and have their head too far up their boyfriend/girlfriend’s ass and never make time for their friends
That’s where balance needs to come in
Change and balance are very important
But change for the better really shouldn’t be scolded

Just some thoughts.