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Two Brick Walls

We’re two brick walls with a shared foundation
More hard headed than any other couple that you’ll come across yet always standing by each other
He is a pair of love lit warm eyes that simultaneously transfer butterflies into my stomach and a coziness into my heart
He’s a set of soft lips that send an electric current straight to my emotions and throughout my whole body
He is the gentle touch that causes my soul to smile yet take my breath away

I am a pair of earth inspired eyes offering him a place to call home





I’m worn down
By the people
I should care about
That I’ve never cared about
And missing someone
Who longs for something
They may never find
Their home
Whether it be place
Person or people
And I long for everything
Every place
Every person
I may never find
And I never want to have a home
Whether it be person
Or place
Or people
And I never
Want to make sense
And I long to be alone most times
But I can barely handle
Being lonely most days
Because once the sunsets
Or rises
Or the seasons change
My heart grows hollow
And I can’t seem to keep
A thing that fills it
Because I cannot mold it to the outline
If it does not fit
And I refuse to lessen myself
Just to complete the puzzle
If I were to need to expand
I would be happy to do so
Though it seems I have
And though it seems that’s what
Has made this more trouble
And though it seems I’ve lost
Any sense I’ve never made