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Numbing Numbness (Life of a Writer)

​I can’t say that I feel anything for anyone. Nothing real, at least. 

“I miss you”s and “I love you”s have become so, for lack of a more unique word, empty. Hugs and kisses and sex feel good but not down to my seemingly broken soul. I wish that I could drown out these thoughts with the music and birds and kids playing and car alarm going off right now, but they whisper so softly that it’s almost like a fucking shriek. And I just wanna scream and burn away the painful words that’ll creep their way up my throat with cigarettes and the drip. But the vices can’t save me by drowning me anymore. This is the kind of numbness and disassociation and self confusion that I can’t fuck away. I can’t buzz away; I can’t smoke out of my body. Or snort out of my fucking mind. I’m so sick of being this sick. Was I born this ill? Why do my diseases and conditions have to affect me inside and out?

I miss being held and feeling like I was cured. But it only lasts as long as I can get used to somebody’s body and then the touch of their skin makes me uncomfortable in mine and then I feel disease ridden all over again. I hope to forget about this and read it over two years from now and wonder how long it’s been since I felt so hopeless and lost. But I seem to only get worse with every forgotten passage and lose articulation as time passes. 

I wish that he could save me or, god forbid, another he in my life… but I’ve been told and have told others that you can only save yourself. 

But what a fucking hypocritical cliché because I don’t have the slightest clue of what that means or where to even begin. 

I’m so scared, so fucking terrified and petrified that I will always have to self medicate to pretend to cope with so much fucking pain. I hurt so constantly and so deeply and it subsequently makes me feel more inclined to take it upon myself to dull it.

How in the hell does anyone think that they’re supposed to numb their numbness? 

I don’t think that a writer realizes just how much pain that they’re in until they unload after paper silence for months. It’s such a freeing entrapment.

I feel that I’ve made some sort of breakthrough yet I’ve just dug myself into an even more gaping emotional and mental whole. What a fucking morose contradictory art. 

I don’t know what I want to do or be. I’m afraid that I have no fucking clue of who I am, but I’m more afraid that I know exactly who I am. I think that the latter is more horrifying. 

How the fuck is this any way to live? How in the world is this a life?
~Megan Chruszczyk


What’s Inside

We’re the type of people who poison ourselves just to feel better

And clutch the edge of our seats, the top of our knees, the handles of our doors when we hear something that reminds us of the aches

We drink too fast, we talk too long, we smoke too much

Do you think we intended on our nights consisting of our heads in toilet bowls?

We never intended on wanting someone who isn’t the one we crave but our loneliness longs for them and we can’t help but let it consume our quiet moments and our late nights

It responds to our ignored texts and answers our calls that went straight to voicemail

And goddamn it, if you have to express your feelings for me through songs and lyrics then don’t fucking express them at all

I wish that I had told him that before because there are some songs that I just can’t listen to anymore

But my words get mistaken for lyrics sometimes so I guess that’s why he said that he didn’t want to hear my voice

Too many nights have we spent spilling our hearts out to strangers and lying on floors, sitting in the shower even though we already took one but hoping that this time the water will wash away some of what’s inside

You said, “Look at painful emotions you feel. Raw and naked.”

And this is it

This isn’t all, but this is what pain is



Every late night has begun to feel like a repetition of the night before

I think I’m beginning to find myself pulling for the early morning hours

In hope that I will find someone

Or something

That will ease my mind and bring me revelations

About myself and about life

Straining for interaction with a new energy

A new perspective

Not in desperation for friends

But for conversations

Feeling deprived from the part of me that I found in you

The mysterious part of me

And whether or not I will ever experience it again

Is the reason that letting go is not even a thing I could take into consideration

And I used to reserve these hours

For opening up my chest and feeling my heart strings break

And now I just feel the need to feel

The want to feel

How I did for you

And how you made me feel for life

I hardly get the pain in my chest these days

But I also hardly feel




What is happiness? If you look it up in the dictionary it is defined as “a state of well-being and contentment”, or “a pleasurable or satisfying experience” according to Webster’s Dictionary. What is happy? The one definition that stands out to me is “feeling pleasure and enjoyment because of your life, situation, etc.”. Those two words are the exact reason I love to look up the meaning of words. I can have happiness in my life without ever being happy. Happiness is the experience the being of happy for a short period of time. I experience happiness on a regular basis. I felt happy when I had the chance to hold my nephew for the first time, all the times I got off the train and saw my best friend was just as excited as I was, I feel happy nearly every time my boy friend gets off work and wraps his arms around me in our bed, and I was happy when waited 3 minutes to see the pregnancy test said yes. Although I was happy at those moments they were all taken from me. One way or another I had to let go of those moments that once made me feel alright. I remember in science class teachers would always saw how our species is the most evolved out of any other species. We are so much more intelligent than any other thing on our whole entire planet. They say we should be proud of ourselves because of how far we have came, and privileged that we are human. Sometimes I wonder if they forget the cons of our species. Our feelings are much more intensified than any other species. When we are sad there is sometimes no control over that feeling. We may even tell ourselves that we deserve to be happy and that we want to stop just laying in the bed all day, but we can’t control it. I watched the documentary “Dark Fish” on Netflix, and while watching it I kind of thought maybe we are like whales in a way. Whales form an unbelievable bond with their pods. When one whale is gone it is literally like they’re in pain, like they have lost a part of themselves. That is how it is for me. When I feel someone I care about is slipping from me it is literally like I am in pain. Like this huge part of who you are who has lived in your heart is being ripped out of you, so you feel the loss in the worst way possible. It is even worse when you look at them and it is like it doesn’t even bother them. When you look in the mirror you can see in your eyes and the way your carry yourself that this pain has changed you, and that you’re not the same person. People start to notice that when you laugh your eyes no longer light up, and when you get out of bed that your outlook on yourself is no longer the same. Somewhere something changed you. Was it the pain or was it the things people have said to you. Deep down you know you’re not stupid, you know you aren’t ugly, and you know you’re worth something, but for some reason you start to believe it. When you look at that pill bottle you wonder what others would feel if you just took a few more than you usually do. You wonder if people would be sad, and then just go on with their lives. Because when you think about loosing someone who is important to you, you can’t ever imagine being ok again. You just stare at that pill bottle and keep debating if today will be the day that you go to sleep and never wake up. If today will be the day the pain and sadness ends. Then you take two and walk away, because you have always been the person ho cares more about others than you do yourself. You think maybe my mother would drink herself to death, my dad would work himself to death, my sister would feel alone, my best friend would feel betrayed, my grandparents would be disappointed, my brother would wonder if maybe he could have helped, and my boy friend would wonder how I expected him to just move on and fall in love with someone else. Even if they would be ok you can’t risk hurting the ones you love. Why can’t these feelings just go away? Why can’t I feel normal? Why am I always so confused? I just want to be high all the time, so I don’t feel anything. I just want to be okay. I feel like I only have a few people who will have my back my best friend, my sister, and sometimes my boy friend, Sadly the only one who is in close enough distance to help me is my boy friend. How do I tell my boy friend that I take pills all the time to feel ok? How do I tell him that I have nearly relapsed? That the only time I don’t take pills is when I am with him because I know how he would react. I don’t blame him. Who would wants a drug addict as a girl friend? I have to tell him. I need to stop lying to people I love, and people who love me. I’m not alright, and I need someone to help work through this.