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Who Are You?

I am a backwards sentence

The torn out ending of a 500 page novel

A cigarette that was flicked too hard making the cherry fall out

I am the warmth in your tummy after your first sip of Fireball whiskey

I am the spot where you chipped the paint off of your wall but find that you like the color underneath better

I’m meeting an old friend for the first time in your life

I am denial; “I don’t love her…who am I kidding, I’m crazy about her”

I am a set of green eyes and a crooked spine

The stumble in the words waiting to be said for far too long

I’m an unanswered question asked 100 times

A smile at a stranger

The person that you always sit next to in a huge crowd of┬ápeople you’ve never met┬ábut somehow feel comfortable with

I guess, most importantly, I’m myself