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A Metaphor

I didn’t fight too hard

I just took it too far

I guess, at some point, I overstepped a boundary

And just kept walking

You see, every day was trial and error

And then it just became

Error, error, error

It went from good to bad to great to nonexistent

And I still think about it everyday

Not as consistently

But I fear it may slip away

Not just from my memory but from my heart

Because I don’t want to depend on anything else to fill it

And I don’t think I can write mere excuses for poetry again

Just my scattered thoughts that never end

And my inconsistent rhyming I can’t pretend

That I don’t notice

You see, my disheveled rhyming is the metaphor I’m trying to express

For saying that life goes on, maybe not how it was before

But it goes on

And you adjust

And you’ll fail to make sense

You’ll probably fail a lot

And you try something new


I’m trying somethings new.




Comfort In Complexity

It’s easier to let go of someone when you realize that when they look up at the sky at night
They only see stars
But you, you see the universe
You think too much and think too hard and take life too seriously; you keep aware of everything
And who’s to say there’s nothing poetic in that
But sometimes it’s the ugly truth
And it becomes difficult, doesn’t it, when you meet someone just like you
Aware of the galaxies and the planets and the stars
They think like you and have the same awareness you do and take you seriously
Nothing is too complex of a topic
And you imagine what it’d be like to lose that
What’ll scare you most are the odds of finding someone who shares the same comfort in complexity
When you think about how rare it was to find someone like them in the first place


Love Never Made Sense To Me

And I want someone
who loves me at all moments
Even if I’m being horrid
and even when I’m being lovely
To love me the same
yet in all sorts of ways
And to think of me
when he sees something beautiful
And to think of me
when he hears his favorite song
And to think of me
when he’s angry
At the most unexpected moments
I hope he misses me
And never believes me
when I say “I’m fine”
Or “I’m just tired”
because he knows I’m always tired
And to persist
when I won’t admit my issue
And to not say a word
when saying “I love you”
I don’t want it to ever make sense
but to be the only thing I understand
But I do ask of him to think of me
at sunrise
So I can think of him
at sunset


Passing Thoughts: What’s Terrifying

When you find someone that understands you, it’s actually quite terrifying. It’s even worse when you weren’t looking for them. Now I don’t make much sense, do I?

What I mean to say is: you meet them and you open up to them and they find out everything about you. What you like, what you don’t, what you love, what you fear; everything. They discover your best moments, but all of your darkest secrets. What you think about, how you think, who you are not only as a human being, but in your soul.

You invest all of yourself into them, and they have the power to hold everything over your head. And you feel connected, and if they break that connection, you feel as if you’re more broken than before. That’s what makes it so terrifying.

I’ve only met two people in my life who I’ve connected with on that level, and I wasn’t looking for either of them, and they’ve both made an impact I would never be able to forget. That’s terrifying.  Especially because I’ve always been hard to understand, getting to really know me requires a great deal of patience few people are willing to give. I have a complicated mind, sometimes I don’t even understand. That’s what makes the connections that much more significant.

Only one of those people not only understand me, but understand my mind and relate to it more than I ever could imagine possible. That’s terrifying. What if I were to never find someone like that again? Terrifying.

I think a lot, as you can tell by the few posts I’ve made on here, and this is just one of my passing thoughts, I don’t let it consume me. And that also raises an interesting yet easy to answer question:

If you had to say everything you thought, could you keep up?